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If we are to believe the wave of mergers, associations and agreements that have shaken it over the past few months, French tourism has become an industry quite like any other.Sodexho takes a stake in Wagons-Lits, which is partnering with Havas to coordinate their sales offices, while Air France, FRAM and SNCF are trying to combine their tour operator activities and Club Méditerranée and Nouvelles Frontières are apart.

The snowball is launched: the second knives follow the example and, in particular, Club Aquarius-Loin Voyage, fourteenth French tour operator, eyeing Go Voyages, eighth in the general classification.Foreigners also join in the dance: American Airlines s The twenty-third tour operator, Wingate, is appropriate and revolves around the British number two, International Leisure Group.Professional dispersal and the prospect of the large European market are pushing for this rationalization, but it is the growth in demand that is accelerating the phenomenon.

Because all omen predict good days to travel and vacations.Gilbert Trigano, of Club Med, believes that his preferred clientele, the "upper middle" social layer, made up of liberal professions and "senior executives", "will devote more and more time and money at his leisure ", because city life, stress, competition, force him to decompress on the beaches or in the snowfields.

Gérard Brémond, boss of Pierre et Vacances, the leading French leisure real estate group, is optimistic in his own way: "Europeans will have more leisure time, but not more money.They will therefore multiply, throughout year round, short vacations, which will inflate transport costs.If we want to remain within the reach of our customers, we will have to allow them to use the most economical mode of transport: the car.? The sea continues to be preferred over the mountains."

Posted Date: 2020-09-19

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